Sunday, 26 June 2011 Launch - Sarwar Hamid vs Eric Daley

The 21st May 2011 was the launch show for new paysite You can catch all of the fights on their site for a fee; but I for one won't be paying it anytime soon so will make do with showing you this teaser video from youtube. This features some highlights of the headline fight; in which Sarwar Hamid defeated Eric Daley by unanimous decision to become the top ranked IKF super-lightweight (137lbs) amateur fighter in Britain. A great variety of kicks demonstrated by Sarwar; who I have had the pleasure if training with; if you only watch one video from this blog I would love it if it was this one; Sarwar is a brilliant young talent and is destined for great things.
Highlights begin about 0.30

The following writeup is taken from, where Hamid trains.
In the evening Sarwar Hamid showed his continuing improvement as he beat Eric Daley in a unanimous decision with all judges scoring him as winning every round. Eric Daley is 5 Nations Champion and Sarwar Hamid is Ranked No 1 in his weight division in Britain. The fight was action all the way and credit should be given to both fighters. The first round was fairly even between the two. The second round saw both parties taking a fair amount of shots and strong body and head shots going in, but the round was finished strongly by Sarwar hitting Eric with a left hook followed by a jumping spinning round kick to the head. Sarwar was now told by his corner to start working his legs and combinations, and to keep the fight at longer range. The third round saw him countering a kick from Eric with an accurate cross and push Kick into Daley’s face which knocked him back. The fourth and fifth round saw Sarwar stalking his opponent and continuing to knock him back with powerful push kicks and strong shots.An exciting win for Sarwar which is worth the re-match which is now being arranged in Ireland for the Vacant IKF Amateur European Title.

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Two more It's Showtime fights for you here, this time from their first ever show in Lyon, and indeed in all of France. These fights took place on the 14th May 2011. Once again, as my spoiler tag worked so goddamn well a brief write up follows each video.


SPONG vs MIHAL Spoiler

Spong absolutely steam-rollered Mihal in this fight. From the word go it was obvious who the better, more experienced fight was; he threw everything full power from the off and first put Igor on the mat with a right hand to the side of the head only 1.15 into the first round. After hitting Igor with a couple of knees he turned away and the ref gave him a standing 8 count. Barely seconds later Spong through a huge jumping left knee to finish the fight barely two minutes in. Too easy for spong

BARD HARI vs TONY GREGORY - fight starts 2 minutes in.


I thought Hari looked a little sloppy starting in this one, throwing for the fences, not the prettiest fighting I've seen from him but he managed to clip him with a right just after the minute mark to put Gregory down. Gregory then came forward with a couple of nice combinations but Badr covered up well and slowed his pace a little before landing a lovely right uppercut to the body for the second knockdown. Tony Gregory looked out of sorts after this, throwing wildly and slipping a couple of times before a soft third knockdown handed Badr Hari the fight.

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It's Showtime! Events May 2011.

To kick this blog off I will be taking a look at some of the recent fights put on by the It's Showtime promotion in May 2011. Some kind soul has put a bunch of the fights on youtube; and I probably won't end up linking to them all directly here as I'm sure you can find them for yourselves, but expect to see a few of them pop up over the next few days; with a very brief write up, as I get the hang of using spoiler tags on blogger.

HESDY GERGES vs CHRIS KNOWLES 21st May 2011 - Fight starts about 5:50 for those who can't be bothered to watch the walk ins


A valiant effort from Chris Knowles but eventually Hesdy's class showed through. Knowles more or less held his own in the first round and landed a couple of nice leg kicks, but the taller and more accurate striker Gerges stayed in control of the round. But it took less than a minute of the second round for Hesdy to land a killer combination on Knowles, with a right hook, right uppercut, right hook, left knee to the body and then a devestating straight right which Knowles didn't see coming knocking everything out of Chris Knowles.


Hello, and welcome to "Kickboxing is an Art."; where I shall be both digging through the vaults and keeping an eye out for any new action in the exciting world of kickboxing. I will mainly be focusing on Kickboxing, K1 and Muay-Thai; although don't be suprised if this blog occaisionally covers other martial arts from MMA to boxing, kung fu to krav maga.
This blog will bring you links to fights old and new; some (hopefully) intelligent comment on all aspects of the fight game; and a bunch of other cool stuff including equipment reviews; discussion of different techniques, fighters, and anything else I can think of! Alternatively, if I haven't thought of something leave me a comment letting me know what you want to see here and I will endeavor to bring it to you!

So I shall start as I mean to go on; by drawing your attention to some quality kickboxing in the form of the late, great Andy Hug, who died of Leukemia on 24th August 2000, but not before leaving behind one of the greatest highlight reels imaginable. This video highlights Andy's famous and deadly axe kicking skills. RIP Andy Hug; gone but never forgotten.

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